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I love Tyler, I really genuinely do. He's an amazing amazing amazing person.

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Artist - Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl
Track Name - PREVIEW: Ep #8 - Celebrity Gossip
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you're my second fave tumblr user


who the fuck is your first

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These tweets will be the end of me.

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(watch my new bedroom makeover tour video here)

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The hippopotamus definitely wants your anaconda

but maybe the anaconda doesn’t want the hippopotamus 

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Besides YouTube what else do you like?

lots of things i like music, reading, art, tv… you can follow my other tumblr,  itmerachrach if you’re interested in finding out more of my interests :) 

Why did you start tumblr and how did you hear about it?

idk when i first heard about tumblr but i started it shortly after watching troyler’s tumblr tag challenge :)